Automatic Bypass Valves – essential healthcare for boilers

To get the absolute best out of any boiler it must be installed correctly and regularly maintained. As with any appliance, it won’t deliver on its promise of reliability, performance and energy efficiency if these two vital tasks are not taken seriously.

One action that is essential to prolonging the boiler’s life and ensuring optimum efficiency is the fitting of an automatic bypass valve.

Bypass valves are valves fitted to heating systems between the boiler and the radiators. They are connected between the flow and return pipes to maintain a constant minimum flow rate through the heat exchanger and to provide heat dissipation on pump overrun.

Having a bypass valve fitted helps to prolong the life of the boiler, aids in maintaining efficiency and helps to ensure the reliability of the boiler.

All modern boilers are ‘low water content’ and require a constant flow of water through them to prevent them overheating.  For example, the Ferroli Modena HE requires a flow rate of 6ltrs/min at all times. When the heating system has a large number of TRV’s (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) fitted the flow rate is reduced as the TRV’s begin to close. An auto bypass will then begin to open as the system water pressure is increased due to low flow through the heating circuit.

Automatic bypass valves are adjustable to allow for correct flow rates required by boiler manufacturers.  They also allow for circulation to dissipate heat after the heating demand period has ended.


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