Backlit, bigger, better – the new improved digital clock for the Ferroli Modena HE boiler

We’re always improving the Modena HE boiler to make sure it remains at the leading edge of energy efficient domestic boilers, and the new digital clock is a perfect example of our ongoing research and development to produce what customers want.

The new clock features a blue backlit screen and bigger numbers than conventional boiler clocks, both of which make it much easier to read, especially if the boiler is located in a dark area, such as a cupboard. It is also ideal for people with less than perfect vision.

The new digital clock has a very useful boost button so if the customer feels the need for an hour or two of heat they just press the button once for one hour, or twice for two hours.

The timer has four independent on/off periods available each day and the programming options are:-

  1. 7 days the same
  2. Weekdays and weekends ( 5 + 2 )
  3. Daily programmes. (Each day independently programmable).

It also comes with an auto summer/winter facility which means there’s no need to remember to adjust it twice a year when the clocks go forwards and back.

The fascia of the Modena has been designed to allow the customer to choose from a range of timers that can be fitted in the 60mm circular aperture. As well as the new digital clock, the boiler can also be fitted with a mechanical 7 day timer. These work in conjunction with an external room thermostat (not supplied). The receiver unit for the RF mechanical and digital programmable room thermostat also fits the same 60mm aperture.

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