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Best buy boiler replacement is more accessible than you may think

Is this winter the one when you realise you can’t put off buying a new boiler any longer? Do you know that it’s guzzling gas unnecessarily and may well let you down completely soon?

Unlike their glamorous white goods cousins the fridge and the washing machine, boilers are sadly never viewed as objects of desire; the retail parks of the UK aren’t filled with shoppers wistfully touching the smooth white casing of a boiler, picturing it in their homes and impressing their friends with its high-tech features. Rather, they are shut away in a cupboard or loft and only thought of with annoyance when they stop working – all extremely unfair considering the crucial role they play in every household in the land.

What everybody wants is a cheap boiler that works like an expensive boiler and has a reputation as being the most reliable boiler they can buy. Sounds like a tall order but in reality it’s perfectly achievable, if you know what to look for and where to look.

The most reliable domestic boiler is one that has only four moving parts – the pump, fan, water flow meter and gas valve. The fewer moving parts there are means there is less to go wrong and if anything does happen to fail, it’s much easier to identify and rectify the cause.

Cheap isn’t a word that any boiler manufacturer necessarily wants associated with their products but it can be just another word for affordable – a word that means something completely different, and is very attractive when it comes to replacement boilers. If being more energy efficient and cutting fuels bills is the catalyst for buying a new boiler, you want to see a return on your money in as short a time as possible, so do your research and compare the prices of the boilers available that best suit your requirements. Don’t think that a boiler is a boiler whoever the manufacturer is – they are not all the same.

If your old boiler is working at 60% efficiency and you replace it with a new A rated high efficiency condensing combi boiler that is affordably priced, it will pay for itself very quickly. If you are thinking of selling your home it could bring a return even sooner as a new energy efficient and reliable boiler is very attractive to purchasers. Check on the warranty too – look for a boiler with a long (7 or 5 year) parts and labour warranty for complete reassurance and peace of mind.

When we’re warm and cosy with endless hot water on tap no-one gives their boiler a second thought, but as soon as there’s no heating and only cold water to wash in it’s a very different story. However, it’s one that can have a very happy ending if the right choice is made. You CAN buy a cheap and reliable boiler that will reduce your fuel bills, help you live a more energy efficient life and not break the bank.