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Energy Saving Trust Recommended Boilers

Ferroli domestic combi boilers are recommended for their energy efficiency and reliability by the energy saving trustIf your gas bills seem astronomically high, it may not necessarily be down to the ever-increasing price of gas. If your boiler is an old inefficient model it will be burning far more gas than you need – and burning a hole in your pocket.

Replacing your boiler will save you considerable sums of money in the long term on fuel bills and help you live a greener lifestyle by reducing the amount of energy you use. There are so many boiler manufacturers claiming to make the most efficient boiler you can buy, so how do you know which one to choose?

To get the optimum benefits on both fuel bill and energy savings, look for a boiler that is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust (EST). All EST endorsed products have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the exacting standards specified, so an EST recommended combi boiler is the best choice you can make.

A condensing combi boiler is the most energy efficient option thanks to the bigger heat exchanger which allows for more heat to be recovered from the flue gases produced. The more energy that’s recovered from the condensing vapour, the more efficient the boiler. This makes a combi boiler the most efficient type of boiler you can buy so if you’re looking for a recommended combi boiler, look for the blue EST logo.

Other very important criteria when choosing a new boiler is reliability. Being highly energy efficient is no guarantee of reliability so it’s worth doing some research on which are the most reliable boilers on the market. There are many combi boiler manufacturers claiming to sell the best boiler you can buy, but there are several criteria that need to be fulfilled for that to be true. The best value boiler is one that is EST recommended, highly reliable, comes with a long warranty and has an affordable price tag.

When you’ve chosen your boiler make sure you get it installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer and register your appliance with the boiler manufacturer within 28 days to ensure your warranty is valid.

The superb Modena HE 27c, 32c, 38c, 18s, 25s and 32s models, along with the DOMIcondens 26c, have been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust as appliances that are highly energy efficient and will help consumers to reduce their fuel bills and cut their carbon footprint. Click here to visit the Ferroli page on the Energy Saving Trust website.