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Ferroli Modena HE boiler now available with a 7 year warranty

18 December 2013

Ferroli has added yet another great benefit to the incomparable Modena HE range of high efficiency condensing boilers with the option of a seven year parts & labour warranty.

The Modena, which is the smallest and lightest complete combi boiler on the market, can now be purchased from January 1st 2014 with the choice of a 7, 5 or 2 year warranty. There are no strings attached and you simply ask for the warranty you want at the merchant trade counter.

“The reliability record of the Modena has been exceptional since it launched to the market two years ago,” said Ferroli’s Sales Director John Moran. “Installers tell us that one of the many reasons why they are recommending the Modena to their customers is because they know they know they won’t get called back to it but even so, the peace of mind that a long warranty brings is of enormous value. Coupled with a very attractive price, it makes people want to say ‘yes’ to boiler replacement.”

Increasing numbers of installers have been switching their allegiance to the Modena from their previous preferred model when they discover they can buy a boiler with a five year warranty at such a good price. The new option of a seven year warranty is further proof of the boiler’s reliability and superb build quality.

“The Modena is priced to sell but the quality, ease of installation and performance it delivers is what you would expect of a much more expensive model,” said John. “The innovative features such as the unique bi-thermal stainless steel heat exchanger, five flueing options and minimal number of moving parts represent real advances in boiler technology.”

A feature that is unique to Ferroli boilers is the stainless steel bi-thermal pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger, which is one continuous loop that eliminates weak points and minimises potential failure; it also eliminates the need for the traditionally problematic diverter valve. Another very desirable feature is that the pump is not required for hot water because the DHW flow switch activates the PCB and the pump does not move. Also unique to the Ferroli Modena boiler is the fact that the standard pump has been designed so that modulation is available via the PCB in readiness for the second phase of ErP regulations which come into effect in January 2015.

“With the next general election now coming into view, energy policy and how to cut fuel bills is quite rightly going to continue to dominate the political agenda,” said John Moran. “Whilst the politicians battle it out to win over public opinion, we in the HVAC industry are actually in a very powerful position. If we present energy-saving, reliable products to the market that consumers can afford then they will make the right choices for a more sustainable way of life. That’s why we have designed the Modena boiler – to help bring about the change needed to avert a global energy crisis.”

The Modena HE range comprises 27kW and 32kW combi and 18kW, 25kW and 30kW system models. All are available for natural gas and LPG.

Click here for more information on the Modena HE range.