Identify the commercial boiler you need in just a few clicks

Identifying the most suitable appliance from our extensive range of commercial and industrial boilers just got really easy.

We’ve created a new online enquiry system that allows customers to give us as much or as little information as they have available and our clever widget will match their requirements with the most suitable boilers.

The search criteria cover all potential aspects of an installation including output, fuel type, efficiency, operation type, commissioning and project delivery date. It also allows for documents to be uploaded which saves the time and effort of having to explain a complicated request – just pass it on to us and we’ll use our expert knowledge to work out what’s required and which of our boilers will provide the best solution for the job.

Searches can result in one boiler that precisely matches the criteria given or a selection of boilers will be returned for further consideration until the ideal appliance is identified. All results are clearly displayed on the screen and when the enquiry is submitted, a member of our commercial sales team will review the information given before getting in touch to talk further about how we can help.

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