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It’s been over a year now since the new and  improved version of the Modena HE boiler launched to the market. Sales continue to climb ever-upwards and the feedback we’ve been getting from installers and merchants is proof that we were justified when we claimed that the Modena is the best fit-and-forget domestic boiler on the market.

We caught up with some of them recently to ask what it is about the Modena that they like and why it’s become their boiler of choice.

Keith Humphreys, Liverpool Heating Ltd “One of the best features of the Modena is that it’s quicker to fit than any other boiler I’ve worked with because it doesn’t have a jig. You just hang the bracket on the wall, hang the boiler on the bracket and that’s it, job done. Not having to marry up the jig to the boiler as you do with other models saves 45 minutes to an hour which is more than welcome for both me and my customers. The sooner the job’s done and dusted and you’re out of their house the better for everyone. I’m really impressed with Ferroli and the new Modena, can’t say a bad word about it.”

Jason Williams, Willheat, Aberdare “The Modena is a fantastic boiler. All the local installers here are buying the new Modena because it has so many impressive features. It gives our customers what they want in terms of energy efficiency and fuel savings and it’s quick and easy for us to install. The design and build quality makes it very reliable and the 5 year warranty gives everyone peace of mind, all at a really good price.”

Keiron Moore,
“I find the price, ease of installation along with the new design features makes the Ferroli a simple choice for me and my customers. It also delivers excellent DHW flow rates.”

 Dave Spelling, Ideal Home & Business Solutions Ltd, Fareham, Hampshire
“I’m only installing Modena boilers now, I’m not using any other model. My customers are over the moon with the results and I’ve found it’s especially good for low water pressure areas. I’ve been taking out old boilers that can’t cope with low water pressure and replacing them with Modenas and it’s solved the problem. Since I started installing Modena boilers it’s been plain sailing. It’s a lovely little boiler – the right price, the right size and very reliable.”

Dave Lane, DR Lane Plumbing & Heating, Malvern, Worcestershire

“I’m over the moon to have found the Ferroli Modena boiler. Ferroli has clearly listened to installers and responded with a very good unit. It really is superb – I’ve been installing them for around a year now and I haven’t gone back to one. I am impressed!”

Adrian Hodgson, ABS Heating UK Ltd, Waterlooville, Hampshire

“It was the technical design of the Modena combi boiler that sold it to me. Only four moving parts and no plate heat exchanger or diverter value makes it very attractive to me because it’s more reliable for my customers. It’s very well laid out inside so it’s easy to work with. I like the fact that it’s small and quiet and it’s a nice looking boiler; all these things make it easy to recommend as I know customers are going to like what they’re getting.”

Jimmy Woodward, TJ Woodward Plumbing & Heating, Coalville, Leicestershire
“What I like most about the Modena combi boiler is that it has only four moving parts, so it’s reliable and low maintenance. It’s also simple and straightforward to fit and all parts are easily accessible from the front panel. I haven’t had any problems with the Modena boilers I’ve fitted and will be continuing to fit them for my customers.”

Ian Robinson, Ian D Robinson Plumbing & Heating, Reading
“This is a fantastic boiler. I’ve installed 20 over the last three months with more planned. It’s very competitively priced, very energy efficient, the compact size is excellent and it’s a good-looking boiler, both inside and out. The support I’ve had from Ferroli has been first rate too. Nothing will stop me using the Modena going forward, it’s become my boiler of choice.”

Jeff Selby, Selby Plumbing, Heathfield, East Sussex

“I’m very pleased with the Modena, it’s a very good boiler that’s given me no problems at all. The price makes it very attractive too; compared to other boilers with a 5 year warranty, the Modena represents excellent value.”


Bill Davies, Sales Director, James Hargreaves Group, Burnley

“Since we started stocking the Modena we have seen very good continual growth. Introducing a new range into the competitive market of combi boilers is never easy, but sales have been substantial and exceeded our initial expectations. We have seen a steady number of customers willing to try the Modena because it offers them value for money with the fantastic guarantee of a five year parts & labour warranty for their customers.  Increasingly, we are seeing the same installers coming back to purchase repeat boilers because the unit is lightweight and easy to install and because their customers are giving very positive feedback. They like the fact that the unit is so small, has such a quiet operating noise level and delivers ample hot water. With a growing satisfied customer base in the Modena, we expect the momentum of sales to continue and grow and for it to become the boiler of choice for customers at James Hargreaves.”

Peter Aird, Branch Manager, HPS Portsmouth

“The Modena is selling extremely well for us. It’s very easy to install because it’s so small and the fact that it has only four moving parts reassures our customers that it’s going to be reliable and much less susceptible to faults. We have one fitted in our branch so they can actually see how it works, and that really helps to sell it. We’ve found it is particularly popular with landlords because of the five year warranty on both parts and labour, that makes a big difference, as they don’t have to worry about letting their tenants down.  It’s rare to find such a good product at such a good price and that means a reliable stock turnover for us.”

David Harrison, Branch Manager, Pochin, Long Eaton

“The Modena has proved to be a hit for us. It has been well accepted into the market place and gone from being a peripheral product to being my main boiler seller. My customers like the size, weight and ease of fitting and the fact that there’s very little to go wrong thanks to only four moving parts. The five year warranty is a great benefit to both the installer and the end user and the price is right. I also like the fact that it comes as both a combi and system in a range of outputs, as that gives my customers more choice.”

Rob Moyse, Director, Moyse Plumbing, Newport
“The Modena is a very good product. It’s easy to fit and very reliable because it has only four moving parts. Reliability is key – that’s what installers are looking for so a five year parts and labour warranty makes it doubly attractive. Most of all of course in these difficult times, price is paramount. A good product at the right price will sell and because of this I expect the Modena to out-sell other boilers this year.”


With the ongoing issue of rising living costs and squeezed incomes, everyone is looking for products that deliver even greater value than before. Demand from homeowners for appliances that combine high performance with high energy efficiency continues to grow, but the price has got to be right. This is a demand that the new Ferroli Modena HE condensing combi boiler set out to satisfy – and the feedback so far shows it’s fulfilled its mission.

Iain Murdoch of Gas-Fix Ltd, Waterlooville, recently fitted a Modena HE 27c in his customer’s buy-to-let property

“I chose the Modena 27c for this job for several reasons. First of all, it’s great value for money for a boiler of such good build quality, so that appealed to my customer. Being a landlord can be a big drain on resources as it’s essential that the property is safe and properly maintained, so choosing the most cost-effective methods is really important for them.

“The Modena’s size and weight makes it very easy to install and that saves on both manpower and frayed tempers! It has good connections and comes with a very neat integral filling loop. The flexible flue options are also very useful. For this installation, the old flue position would have been a problem for us if Ferroli had not been able to offer various accessories to overcome it.

“Being able to offer my customers a five year warranty on top of all the benefits that the Modena offers at such a great price means I can ensure I don’t lose the job when I quote. Everyone wants reassurance that their new boiler is not going to let them down and with a five year warranty they know that they are protected should anything go wrong.

“I’m very glad we have tried the new Modena as it’s totally different to some of the older Ferroli products that had presented problems in the past. We have installed many Modenas now and will continue to do so. To sum up, I choose the Modena for a variety of applications because it’s small and light, it’s very competitively priced and it comes with a five year warranty. The reputation of my company depends on good quality products so I will be continuing to recommend the Modena to my customers.”

Dave Lane of DR Lane Plumbing & Heating in Malvern chose the Modena HE 27c as a replacement boiler for a customer whose old boiler had been unexpectedly condemned

“It came as a rather nasty surprise to my customer that he had no choice but to replace his boiler immediately, so the appliance I chose for him had to be affordable as well as being highly reliable and fuel efficient. The Ferroli Modena HE 27c combi model fitted the application perfectly and because it comes with a choice of a 5 or 2 year full parts and labour warranty that offered peace of mind for us both.

“The Modena is a fantastic bit of kit. I really like the simplicity of it. Firstly, fitting it was easy and straightforward. No-one wants to struggle with a heavy boiler or try their patience with fiddly screws and brackets, especially in confined spaces such as an airing cupboard.

“It is very light, just 29kg, so handling it was no trouble, and the fact that there are 10 bracket points on the back for hanging it on the wall means it’s going to be securely fixed. If you’ve only got two brackets and you find you’re screwing into plasterboard you’ve got a problem but with a choice of several places you can move along and find a firmer timber area that will hold the screws.

“In this particular case repositioning the flue was crucially important. The fact that the Modena has flexible flueing options made it possible to set this up in the correct way, which would ensure both my customer’s safety and optimum performance of the boiler.”

Iain Malcolm, Ringgas Ltd, Coventry

“I was very impressed by the simplicity of the Modena,” said Iain. “Firstly, it’s so lightweight that it’s very easy to handle and only requires one pair of hands; the front panel is very well designed, just two screws to undo and it easily comes off with no risk of causing any damage; and the compact size means the valves underneath are easily accessible.

“What I’m looking for in a new boiler are features that make it easier for me to provide my customers with a superior product. The Modena’s stainless steel heat exchanger is an ideal example as this eliminates a lot of problems that can arise with heat exchangers and it allows for a proper power flush to be carried out without the risk of causing any knock-on glitches.

“As for performance, the hot water flow rates are superb and even exceed the rates specified. I’m looking forward to the launch of the 38c model as I’m seeing increasing demand from households for higher hot water flow rates. As for operating noise levels, it’s barely audible.

“Of course, everything comes down to cost at the end of the day and that’s where the Modena has the edge. For such an impressive boiler, it’s a very attractive price that people can afford.”

Paul Cooper, Codean Properties Ltd, Nottingham

Paul Cooper of Codean Properties Ltd was very impressed with the build quality and design of the Modena. “I found it very easy to fit because of the weight and compact size and because it has only four moving parts and no diverter valve or plate to plate heat exchanger, I know it’s going to be reliable for my customers,” he said. “The fact that it comes with a five year warranty is also a very attractive selling point. Customers are looking to you for peace of mind, and a long warranty means a great deal to them.”

Marc Owen, Service & Management, Rugby
Marc Owen has fitted several Modena boilers for customers so far and even has installed one in his own house. “One of the best things is the telescopic flue,” Marc said. “It can take half an hour to cut the flue to fit so this saves valuable time. It’s also very easy to hang on the wall bracket, something which can be frustratingly fiddly. I also like the fact that it comes with a built-in filling loop as it means I don’t have to buy one and pass on the cost to the customer; anything that enables me to keep the cost down for the customer is obviously good for encouraging business.”