Out with the old Ferroli boiler, in with the new Ferroli boiler!

Peter Whelan of Discount Heating in Liverpool has been fitting Ferroli Modena HE boilers on a regular basis since they were first launched nearly six years ago. He’s pictured here with colleague Mark installing a 38kW combi that replaced an older Ferroli boiler that had delivered great service for many years.

“The Modena boiler really ticks all the boxes for me,” said Peter. “It has very few moving parts, the pipes are all in the right order, the price is great and it’s so small that it can fit more or less anywhere. That’s got us out of jail many times when we would have struggled to find the right place to fit a bigger boiler.

“For my customers who need to keep to a budget the Modena is just right. It’s just as good as my two other preferred boiler brands but the price is more affordable.

“But as with any boiler, it won’t perform at optimum level unless it’s regularly serviced,” Peter added. “This is so important, it’s just not worth letting it slide. A new boiler isn’t a cheap purchase so having it serviced just once a year will protect your investment, keep you warm and – most importantly – ensure it’s in safe working order.”


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