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Tighter controls on boiler sales will lead to greater safety in the home

Ferroli are always working toward improving Gas SafetyImproving gas safety is an issue we are always concerned about at Ferroli. One look at the interactive Gas Map recently launched by Gas Safe Register clearly shows just how many people are at risk from badly fitted and poorly maintained gas appliances in their homes and businesses. Our new Sales & Marketing Director, John Moran, has this advice to add to the campaign.

“Boilers and firearms may not immediately appear as having any similarities, but think again: in the wrong hands, both have the capacity to kill. That’s why a licence is required to buy a gun, but when it comes to boilers, that control is woefully lacking.

“As householders start switching on their boilers all over the UK, the sad fact is that avoidable tragedies will follow as a direct result of illegal and unsafe installations. Despite the best efforts of the industry to encourage homeowners to only use Gas Safe registered engineers, the fact that boilers can still be bought over the counter at some retail outlets without any proof that the purchaser is qualified to fit the appliance leaves a gaping hole. Without wanting to sound over-dramatic, people are, in effect, leaving these stores with a loaded gun.

“To argue that the responsibility for their safety lies with the homeowner just doesn’t stand up: it’s human nature to allow better judgement to be clouded by the instinct to save money, and so some people will always go for the cheapest option and turn a blind eye to the risk. Having a new boiler installed is a major outlay so the temptation to opt for the cheaper quote can be impossible to resist. Of course, just because the job is offered at a low price it doesn’t necessarily follow that the fitter isn’t qualified, but there likelihood is certainly higher.

“If illegal and dangerous boiler installations are to become a thing of the past, regulation at source needs to be tighter. By making it a requirement that the sale of every boiler is registered to a qualified installer, that day is more likely to come. “