Upgrade to the new Modena and save energy and money with our Boiler Replacement Guides

Whilst Energy Minister Ed Davey probes the prices and profits of British Gas, consumers can guarantee themselves a result on reducing fuel costs by upgrading to an A rated boiler.

Recent figures from the Energy Saving Trust show that replacing an old D-rated appliance with a new energy efficient condensing combi boiler saves even more than was thought, up to £160 on a typical fuel bill rather than the £105 estimated last year.

The Modena HE range of boilers is an ideal boiler to choose, not only because it’s highly energy efficient, it’s also very affordably priced which delivers a saving before it’s even been installed!

We’ve added three more Boiler Replacement Guides to our Documents page which give clear instructions on how to upgrade to the new Modena from our older models the Optimax HE, Optimax 25c and Maxima.

As with the guide to replacing the Modena 80-102 models, the new Modena is also compatible in many ways with these three older boilers, making installation a straightforward job.

Click here to see all four guides on our Documents page.


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