Size matters! The new 38c Modena HE packs a punch… and is still very small, light, quiet and affordable

The latest addition to Ferroli’s Modena HE range of high efficiency domestic boilers delivers a mighty 38kW output whilst remaining one of the smallest, lightest, quietest and most affordable complete combi boilers on the market.

Perfect for larger domestic properties, the new 38c Modena HE comes with all the same superb features as the 27kW and 32kW models but is still one of the most compact and lightweight boilers in its class at just 600 x 400 x 350mm and 33kg. That’s a massive 38kW for a mere 30mm extra depth and 1.5kg extra weight.

“The size, weight and price of this boiler for such high performance leaves the competition standing,” said Ferroli’s sales director John Moran. “A comparison of the key features of the Modena HE 38c against other 38kW boilers on the market sees the Modena way out in front. No other boiler combines the advantages of size, weight, choice of warranties and price with such superb DHW flow rates, heat output, reliability and build quality.”

The 38kW combi delivers DHW flow rates of 16 l/min at 35°C rise and has a maximum heat output of 37.1kW. Extensive flueing options with a reach of up to 60m allows for increased flexibility when replacing older boilers  and only four moving parts means it is highly reliable and easy to maintain. All Modena HE boilers come with the choice of a 7, 5 or 2 year warranty for complete peace of mind for both customers and installers alike.

“The 38kW model is what our installers have been asking for,” John added. “Their customers have been so satisfied with the reliability, performance and affordable price of the Modena boilers they’ve been putting in that it’s become their boiler of choice, but until now they couldn’t specify a Modena for customers with larger homes. With the powerful new 38kw combi model, they can now recommend it to all householders, confident that it will deliver all the heat and hot water they could need.”

With phase 2 of the ErP directive due to come into force in January 2015, a boiler that is fully compliant with the new rules needs to be affordable if targets on cutting carbon usage are to be met. The Modena more than meets these requirements and is fitted with a high efficiency Wilo pump that complies with the new standards. Crucially, it’s priced to sell and that’s what will move boilers off the shelves and into houses.

“A superior quality appliance doesn’t need to cost a fortune and we want homeowners to be able to access the latest energy saving boilers that will help cut fuel bills and carbon use,” John added.

Joining the range later this year will be a 38kW system model and a 27kw combi storage boiler for even greater adaptability to suit all domestic installation requirements.