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Why being an Installersmate member keeps your customers safe

Once you’ve installed a boiler for a customer you should have established a relationship with them that lasts either as long as they live in that property or until you finally hang up your toolbox and retire. Why? Because you’ll be visiting them every year to carry out an annual boiler service.

Two things we know to be true are one, an annual boiler service is crucial to gas safety and boiler performance, and two, it’s not something that’s generally at the top of the customer’s list for sorting out. However, an annual service is essential for keeping the warranty valid and will ensure that the boiler won’t let them down.

So how do you make sure that one, you don’t forget, and two, they know that time has rolled round again? You register with Installersmate and we tell you both at the same time. Simple but ingenious.

Six weeks before the anniversary of the installation date of the boiler you will receive an email reminder from Installersmate reminding you to contact the customer to arrange a date for the service. If you’ve entered their email address as well, they will also receive a reminder, so they will be expecting you to get in touch. This also means that they remain your customer, which is good for building your business.

Plus there’s lots of other great benefits to joining Installersmate such as free warranty upgrades, free Gas Safe Notifications and regular competitions and prize draws. Joining only takes a few minutes so why not do it now? www.installersmate.co.uk

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